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The 6 Best Photo Tech Gifts for Christmas 2016 That Will Leave Your Photographer Friend Spellbound

Is your best friend crazy about photography? Or are you a passionate Lomographer in your right? Either way, there is a full range of photography gifts out there you can use to wow your friend or yourself. From Wi-Fi memory cards to instant photo printers, check out these six amazing and useful photo tech gifts.

1. Go, Pro Karma Drone, Quadcopter

karma-gopro-drone-2016Is your friend a fan of outdoor photography? Perhaps aerial photography is more their inclination? Or just maybe they would love to experiment with this kind of photography. The Go Pro Drone Quadcopter is the perfect gift for adventure photography lovers who want nothing less than hours of endless fun. If your buddy is anything like most photographers, they will love what this smart drone camera can do, enabling them to capture spectacular aerial photos right from their smartphone devices all with the tap of a finger. With its easy-to-fly nature, obstacle avoidance capabilities and extensive app control, no one needs any experience to start flying this bundle of joy. Head over to drones à offrir noel 2016 to know more !

2. Polaroid PoGo Printer

If your friend is anything like most people, they are damn tired of having to wait for hours or even days to finally get their photos in hard copy. A Polaroid PoGo is the best solution to this problem. Just like having a traditional printer wherever they go, they can shot their photos and instantly have the printer print them all without ink. Sure, that’s right, instead of ink the printer uses Zink paper technology to print pictures meaning that you will never run out ink and all you need to release the images in your camera is simply Zink ink paper. And the printer is wireless since it comes with Bluetooth capabilities. Just transfer your images from your camera or mobile device and print.

3. iPhone Telephoto Lens

lens-for-iphone-smartphonesSmartphone photography has its limits. Many photographers will not know the joy of telephoto lenses until they use them for the first time. Being able to shoot the once incredible shots with a smartphone can be one of the most delightful experience for a photographer. Stretching the limits of what a smartphone can is as easy as using a telephoto lens…
These superb accessories allow you to blur backgrounds and narrow focus, change the picture’s perspective, zoom in on far-away objects and take smart photography to the next level.

4. Digital Photo Frame

Everyone loves a beautiful photo display, so why not surprise your friends with a smart way to display all their pictures. You could buy them a digital photo frame and transition them from the heavy, analogue picture frames of the past. A digital photo frame will allow them to upload all their best photos to one photo Frame. And of course, they can set how they want the frame to display their pictures, is it a particular photo all the time or all the photos in a continuous slideshow? The best thing about these digital photo frames is that the pictures don’t fade with time like the printed photo frames.

5. Eye-Fi Card

quality-memoe-cardThose photographers who wish they could upload their masterpieces automatically from their SD cards to their laptops or smartphones without having to take the cards out of the camera can do so with these powerful memory cards. With inbuilt Wi-Fi capabilities, these unique memory cards allow you to automatically upload their cool pics to their PC or mobile devices. They market the perfect gift for prolific photographers, who frequently run out of storage space.

6. Adobe Lightroom 6

For the serious photographer who wants to have the best photo editing software in their arsenal, Adobe Lightroom 6 is the undeniable answer. It features advanced capabilities such as old photo restoration, picture text combination, panorama shots, HDR images, facial recognition and sophisticated video slideshows. It is one photography gift you can never go wrong with.