DJI Mavic Pro Test

This drone has been available for less than a year now and we can now say that this is one of the best (if not the best) video drone on the market right now!

As professional photographers we have had the chance to experience with quite a few quadricopters over the past few years and we have to say that the whole team has been pretty impressed by this new DJI little foldable drone!

This is the most portable and compact drone readily available on the market and for less than 1000$ you can now get professional quality and results for your daily activities.

This little Mavic (little in size but by as per its specs) his close to being the ultimate aerial platform for photographs around the world. If you are always in motion and traveling the world, look no further this drone was made for you.


If you want to find more on this new drone from DJI, make sure you visit the following page for an in-depth review:

Test DJI Mavic Pro, il en a sous le capot !